Today, the Dundrum Gazette featured the issue of the rezoning of the Holy Cross School with extensive quotes from myself.

The article is reprinted in full here.

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Rezoning no threat to school

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has down played fears over the possible rezoning of the lands at the Holy Cross National School in Dundrum to a mixed use development in a new Draft County Development Plan.

A spokesperson for the council said that a rezoning of the lands at Holy Cross would in no way “suggest that the school is under “threat”

The council made the comments after Independent local election candidate for the Dundrum Ward, Stephen O’Shea, said he was extremely concerned about a potential change in the zoning of the land where the school is situated.  “The issue I have, although it does say education a part of the zoning, is that it allows the developer to put pressure on the school because it is zoned well to suit major town development”.

However, a spokesperson for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council said zoning the lands where the school is situated as mixed use development is reasonable given its close proximity to Dundrum Town Centre.

“With the school’s close proximity to the Dundrum Town Centre, the council is proposing a mixed-use development zoning which is seen as reasonable zoning for the school and a coherent use of the land. There is no intent by the council to suggest that the school is under threat”.

According to the DLRCC spokesperson, Holy Cross School is currently zoned residential, which means a developer could at any time approach the school because it is not currently zoned institutional.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Holy Cross National School, Ultan Mac Mathun sai he agreed with the council. “The zoning as nothing to do with the school because the school has no intention of moving. It is not a concern for us. No matter what the land is zoned, Holy Cross has been here for a very long time in Dundrum and in Dundrum it will stay.”

But Stephen O’Shea says it is essential the land at the school is protected. “It is most important that it is protected and not part of a town centre – a school should be at the heart of a community; this increases the value of the site to potential developers and it doesn’t protect the school. Most schools are protected by being an institution, so this is no longer protected. We really need to save the school’s position.

I am calling on people to make submissions on it. It has to be done before July 3. Residents should go down to the council office in Dundrum beside the LUAS station and look at the plans”.

This article is a full reprint of a piece appearing in today’s, May 24, 2009, Dundrum Gazette.

Stephen O’Shea
Independent Candidate
Dundrum local elections

My photo (not in article) of Holy Cross School:

Holy Cross School

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