The disappearance of the Dropping Well Rhino

May 23, 2009
Dropping Well Rhino- too much to drink?

Dropping Well Rhino- too much to drink?

It was a wet week on the campaign trail and the spirits of the voters were down.  Bad weather, bad government, gloomy economic forecasts.  Not much to cheer.  George Lee did his best to add some optimism, smiling at us from atop the poles (if you’ll forgive the pun).   But, even he couldn’t allay my fears around the possible re-zoning of the Holy Cross School.  I duly turned up at the Fine Gael public meeting and addressed my questions on the issue to George.  The answer was vague.  But that’s ok.  As I keep saying let’s vote local on the local issues and national in the bi-election.  George doesn’t have to concern himself with the Holy Cross School: I do as do George’s Fine Gael councilor candidates.

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