Down the lanes and alleyways – there are 6 votes here

On one of my recent nights out on the campaign trail I discovered an alleyway leading off from the main road.  My feet were sore, I was tired and hungry. But, it was one of those lovely, balmy evenings just before dusk.  I know my constituency pretty well but I haven’t been down all the lanes and alleyways. Stephen O'Shea on the campaign trail

My natural curiosity overpowered the tired feet and pangs for a bag of chips and a beer.  I headed down and around and came across a house I’d never known existed, tucked away from sight and sounds of the bustle of suburban Dundrum. There were all these people sitting around having a natter and a beer.  Too late to back away now.  My heavy plodding turned the crowd to face me.  I said my piece – I’m your Independent Candidate in the upcoming Dundrum elections.  They were as surprised as I was by the home owner’s response.  “In the 30 years I’ve lived here I’ve never been canvassed before”.  “There are 6 votes here but my Aunt is from Co. Laois”.

To coin a cliché, sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile!

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