I am an Independent Candidate in the upcoming Dundrum local elections.

I am a newbie to politics but not to our local community issues.  In fact, it’s the lack of care and concern by some of our incumbent councillors that has driven me to enter the political arena.  We, the local residents, have been handed a bad deal in the local proposed development plan and the role commercial re-zoning has played in recent years with our community.

A little about me:

Born in Balally Drive
Living in Weston Park for the last 7 years
Happily married with 5 fabulous children
Already active involved in the community:
A member of DIG (Dundrum Interest Group)
Neighbourhood Watch District Committee
Chair of a local resident association

Why I would make a good councillor

I’m passionate about our community, its history and its future.

My work ethic and commitment will guarantee results.

My decisions will be guided by my integrity and independence.

I’m your local voice: what impacts you and your family impacts me and my family.

This is Your Council – Your Election.  Make Your Voice hear.

Check out Stephen O’Shea’s photos of issues of local concern:


Conact me with your issues and concerns:

Stephen O’Shea


Dublin 14

m 087 6990773

twitter sosdundrum

e Stephen.oshea@hotmail.com

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