My Priorities (detail)

  • Free Bus to Shops for over 65s
  • Development of Dundrum Village
  • Derelict Land & Green Space
  • Sports & Leisure Facilities
  • Local Residents’ Associations
  • Introduction of Brown Bins 

Free Bus to Shops for over 65s

vantastic 3

This will be one of my first initiatives.  A similar scheme, part funded by Dundrum City Council, operates in Dublin North through Vantastic Charity vantastic 2

This will make life easier for many in our community – not just the over 65s but their carers too.  This will be one of the issues that I will take up in my role as Councillor, should I be elected.

Development of Dundrum Village
I welcome good quality development and the opportunity to bring jobs to the area. I m actively working to ensure residents are properly consulted regarding changes.  The rezoning of the Holy Cross School in the recent draft development plan for town centre commercial facilities is of particular concern. I want to ensure our public facilities – library, post office, children’s playground, Garda Station, Don Marmion Hall – are prioritised ahead of any further retail development.

Dundrum town centre plan

As one of the founders of the Dundrum Interest Group (DIG) I am keenly aware of the concerns of the local residents to large scale commercial development in the area and future plans to establish a 9 storey hotel at the bottom of Main St. Dundrum/Taney junction.

Dundrum Village must be protected and enhanced as the cornerstone of our community: a lot needs to be done to bring the village back to its prime.

Dundrum town centre development Phase 11
Derelict Land & Green Space
Did you know that under the Allotments Act 1926, your Council has an obligation to provide allotments?

The Council has an allotment scheme in Goatstown, presently rezoned for a new road.

The Council needs to be encouraged to expand the current limited scheme and to take advantage of the downturn in the property book.  By freeing up derelict land, previously earmarked for development, and taking more green spaces in charge, the Council can provide more allotments and other community facilities.  Nobody wants derelict land left idle until the next property boom. 

Bad lands Stephen O'Shea

Bad lands Stephen O'Shea

Unused land Dundrum Stephen O'Shea

Unused land Dundrum Stephen O'Shea

Unused land and spaces Dundrum

Unused land and spaces Dundrum

Check out my photo gallery for more snap shots of derelict land, boarded up houses, and wasted green spaces:


Sports & Leisure Facilities

New Swimming Pool Meadowbrook Stephen O'Shea

New Swimming Pool Meadowbrook Stephen O'Shea

Congratulations to all who were active in the completion of the new facility at Meadowbrook in Balinteer.
This is a great example of what can be achieved through community spirit and hard work.
To support the many volunteers who run our sports clubs, I intend to do the following:
• Radically improve the council website
• Set-up a volunteer award scheme
• Provide support for grant applications

Local Residents’ Associations
Have Your Say

I am a believer in the power of local residents’ associations to resolve local issues.

A well run association can benefit your area.

My objectives are to:

  • Improve the communication flow between RAs and the Council.
  • Provide ongoing support for existing associations.
  • Provide starter packs for associations where needed.

Introduction of Brown Bins
Increase your recycling footprint and reduce the cost of your black bin by using a brown bin for all your organic household waste.
A brown bin should be available now!


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