Free Bus to Shops for over 65s

May 21, 2009

vantastic 1

This will be one of my first initiatives.  A similar scheme, part-funded by Dublin City Council, operates in Dublin North through Vantastic Charity:

This will make life easier for many in our community – not just the over 65s but their carers too.  This will be one of the issues that I will take up in my role as Councillor, should I be elected. vantastic 3


To post(er) or not to post(er)

May 17, 2009

Excuse my bastardisation of the language.  As the local, European and bi-elections have started in earnest,  there is not a spare pole to be spotted around the country.  The fine faces of our politicians and councilors smile out at us expectantly: vote me, vote me.

Though I’d like to feature high in the polls, I’m nowhere to be spotted on the poles! My campaign is more of the virtual sort.  I’m new to this virtual world but if Obama taught us a thing or two it’s the power of the online world.

How consequential is a poster campaign?  Will it persuade a voter to vote me.  Yes, we all want exposure.  And yes, it’s hard to get to everybody.  George Lee, in our bi-election, benefits from his huge profile through his fine career in RTE.  Some of us are less fortunate, especially the newbies like myself.  But, I rely on my work to-date and my proposed agenda of issues that impact our community.  Vote me, vote me.

Ice creams for Downe Syndrome

May 17, 2009

Today was a day-off from campaigning – but not a day-off.  One of my new twitter followers, Michele Daly President Junior Chamber International Dublin, put me to the challenge: how concerned am I really with community issues?  Michelle was organising an ice-cream fund-raiser on behalf of Down Syndrome down at the Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Well, I can certainly get myself and my five children organised to find time to pop down to the shopping centre and lend a hand.   And that’s where I spent most of my afternoon, the children happily dispatched to our new Meadowbrook swimming pool.

Let me tell you, getting people to donate on behalf of Down Syndrome is a much easier challenge than canvassing the electorate’s first preference votes for the upcoming local elections.

It was a very enjoyable, if wet, afternoon.  I’m invigorated by the generosity of the ordinary folk of Dundrum, who despite the economic hardships many are facing, still dig deep and find the means of contributing to those less fortunate than themselves.

The children wanted to know if I’d been swimming with my clothes on.  Yes, it was wet out there.

To Michelle and her helpers, many thanks on all our behalves for generating your time and helping the vulnerable in our community.

Dundrum – I’ve joined the race

May 7, 2009

Hello all.

I am a local election candidate in the upcoming Dundrum local elections.  I am already active in our community.  Some of you may know me from the Dundrum Interest Group; some from seeing me cycling around our neighbourhood photographing “issues” and eyesores” .

This is Your Council – Your Election.  Make Your Voice hear.

Conact me with your issues and concerns